Abandoned by the world around her, Carly believes she is fated to a life of torment at the hands of her stepfather and is desperate for an escape. When she can bear the abuse no longer and gives in to a thunderous rage, she suddenly finds herself in an unfamiliar, yet beautiful, storm world. This limbo between dimensions appears to be her private sanctuary, but it may just be her purgatory.

No one escapes fate without sacrifice, but is the price more than Carly is willing to pay?

My rating: 3 stars.

My Thoughts:

Unique concept meets forceful descriptions and dialogue.

As the main character, Carly is well-defined; she’s got it rough, but has her footing in the world. Her voice is somewhat distinct, particularly in the beginning. But as the story moved along, I felt that I lost a bit of that which made Carly who she is. Suddenly her emotions were fickle and abrupt, and I much preferred the strong, fearless Carly that was first introduced.

The concept of Carly entering her own storm world is so detailed and refreshing. I loved how every aspect was tied to Carly’s life and history. And Morgan – how can you not love him? He’s adorable and awkward. Also, he and Carly meshed really well together, although a bit too quickly for my taste. I prefer relationships to develop in time, realistically. The instant attraction between the two just left me unconvinced.

The storm world is what really made the story for me. I couldn’t get enough of it. I wanted to know all about the trees, the other life dimensions, her alternate paths – all of it. Sadly, all of it couldn’t be explained in the short amount of 88 pages. But perhaps there will be a sequel?! I would love to have more explanations of Carly’s world, and Morgan’s place in it.

The writing itself is simple, but real. Carly sounds like a teenager. The dialogue is believable. The descriptions are pleasing and interesting. The plot is a bit too fast-paced, but it kept me guessing and hooked until the very end. Unfortunately I didn’t feel that things really resolved in the end; instead it felt as though everything was forced to come to a close, and that just made the story feel unnatural after such a thrilling build-up.

Still, In the Storm is truly worth reading for the limbo storm world. Cannot say that enough.

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